I took the kids to Disneyland last year. I was reminded of that experience today. (I skipped that last few Websummits and it’s grown a wee bit since the first one in Bewley’s Hotel in Oct 2009 and the ones in 2010/2011). More or less tongue in cheek

  1. Lots of money spent on AI and figuring out how to manage queues still means “there are lots of queues.”
  1. The food is overpriced. (Websummit have better overpriced food but it’s still well overpriced). Like Disney bring in your own food (especially if you’re a struggling startup) or go outside for food. Base Pizza will run you €11.50 for best pizza in Dublin and a drink. Or soup in Insomnia even cheaper.
  1. You’ll spend a lot of time on your feet walking from attraction to attraction. Its not quite Walt Disney Studios / Disneyland back and forth but its not far off. 
  1. The good talks/rides are too short.  You’re just starting to enjoy them when they’re over…….
  1. Three days is enough. There’s only so much you can take. While it can be great fun eventually you’re in need of something more substantial. And the same goes for Websummit.
  1. The best map of the venue is on paper.
  1. You need to pace yourself. It goes from pre-summit breakfast events, through the summit itself to lots and lots of parties. In Disney it was get in early, take a break in the middle of the day and come back refreshed. Some variation of this is probably a good summit plan too.
  1. Mickey Mouse makes an appearance. OK no Mouse there was someone with a Unicorn hat.
  1. The kids get very excited about the whole thing. And the adults get very exhausted but they go anyway. (That’s a marketing win for both Disney and Websummit ) 
  1. You have to smile at the fireworks. This year they’re spectacular.


There’s a good take on day 1 the Websummit by Karlin Lillington.