Homelessness is a huge and growing problem in Ireland. This year more than 800 children and their families have lost their homes,

Focus are working to eliminate Homelessness.  This Christmas we want kids in Ireland to build a #HouseforRudolph and the parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, friends to donate to support.

Its easy. Build a house in Lego or Minecraft or draw your house. Or make it any other way. Take a photo or a video. Upload it to  Facebook/Twitter/ Instagram/Youtube/Pinterest wherever  your friends will see it. Tag it #HouseforRudolph

Then text HOMELESS to 50300 to give €4 to Focus Ireland this Christmas

Here are three boys who’ve done their bit, and asked Michael D Higgins, Ryan Tubridy and their pal Hubert to build a house too. (Ff anyone can let the first two know we’d appreciate it)

Tell your friends. Have fun. And donate. Build a #HouseforRudolph  and help end homelessness.