The tl;dr version is – go see the movie.

The slightly longer version. Possible spoilers. Interstellar is a beautiful movie.  Raised on a diet of Issac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke and Fredrick Pohl I was reminded of some of the vastness of space tonight. And like any movie there are holes to pick. In the end its beautifully filmed, scored and acted. It is more artistic poetry than scientific prose. But that is OK.  There will invariably be comparisons to 2001 (which Clarke wrote the screenplay for and based on his original short story).  While the ending of 2001  reflected an almost drug induced journey into Innerspace and a cold subjectivity, Interstellar is at its heart a story about the love a father has for his children.  Cold and clinical Interstellar is not. It is beautiful. And ambitious and hopeful.