Protect Your Business With the industry’s leading security solutions, ensure the safety and wellbeing of your business, home, and family. Learn More Expert Security Solutions Trust in our expertise to provide top-of-the-line security solutions for your business, home, and family. View Options Discover IRDG, Ireland’s Premier Innovation Network As the leading non-profit innovation network in Ireland, IRDG brings together a dynamic community of member companies and colleges to drive excellence and growth in a wide range of industries. Learn More We Foster an Innovative Culture Driving Sustainable Value At IRDG, we are proud to represent 24 diverse sectors and bring them together to foster a cross-sectoral culture of innovation. Our Core Focus Is Innovation Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at IRDG. Bringing Members Together Through our industry-specific events and workshops, we bring our members together and facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing. Supporting Growth and Success With our focus on innovation, we support the growth and success of our members, enabling them to stay ahead in their industries. Join Our Network Today Become a member of IRDG and join us in driving excellence in industry innovation. Driving Growth, Jobs, and Prosperity Our Mission At IRDG, our core business is innovation, and we are dedicated to driving growth, creating jobs, and helping to build a prosperous economy for both indigenous and multinational companies. Sharing Knowledge and Best Practices Through our extensive network of members and partners, we facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best practices across a broad range of industries and sectors. Fostering a Culture of Innovation Our goal is to foster a cross-sectoral culture of innovation where companies can collaborate and learn from each other, driving continuous improvement and growth. Supporting Industry-Specific Innovations We understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by different industries, which is why we provide support and resources specifically tailored to their needs. Join the IRDG Community Become a member of IRDG and join our mission to drive growth, jobs, and prosperity for businesses across Ireland. Discover IRDG’s Services Learn about our innovation events, research programs, and networking opportunities. Innovation Events Attend our diverse range of innovation events to stay updated on the latest industry developments. Find Events Research Programs Join our research programs to gain access to cutting-edge technology and resources. Join Programs Networking Opportunities Connect with professionals from various industries through our networking events and programs. Connect Now Industry Insights Gain valuable insights and knowledge from industry leaders through our programs and events. Discover Insights Why Join IRDG? Become an IRDG Member Our Network Get Connected Industries 24 key sectors across Ireland Members 300 companies and colleges Innovation Driving continuous growth, jobs and prosperity Join the Ranks of Industry Leaders with IRDG Looking to stay at the forefront of innovation in your industry? Join the ranks of industry leaders who have benefited from IRDG’s innovative approach to collaboration and drive sustainable value for your business. Why Join IRDG? Become an IRDG Member